Save the Phono Museum Paris.

de | 22 février 2016

The Phono Museum, 140 years of recorded sound history at 53, boulevard de Rochechouart in the 9th arrondissement of Paris opened its doors in September 2014. This private museum operates thanks to the support of volunteers working for a foundation created under French law, « Phonoplanète – (The great adventure of recorded sound)  ( showcases more than 250 items, covering the full history of the talking machine.

Crowdfunding campaign on French platform Ulule. In order to save the museum.

Phono Museum Paris mission is:

– Help the general public discover talking machines, the ancestors of turntables, CD players, and mp3 digital devices (phonographsGramophones, talking dolls, electric turntables, jukeboxes, tape recorders, and other sound players), from several private collections.

– Facilitating the sharing of knowledge about the history of recorded sound and the machines associated with it through the creation of classroom educational materials.

– Promote the national and international cultural dimension of talking machines and sound media.

– Offering musicians, film makers, photographers, etc. a unique location in Paris for concerts, documentaries, movies, etc.

– Organizing monthly concerts .

phono museum paris

phono museum paris

Acoustic concert at the phono museum Paris

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