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Cylinder phonographs

From Edison’s experimental Tinfoil to the mythical Opera, the most ephemeral French productions to the colossal creations of Pathé, from the ubiquitous Gem to the crystalline refinement of the Dupleix, the Phonogalerie offers a wide range of machines at a wide range of prices.


Whether you are left breathless by the floral horns of La Belle Epoch, impressed by the sober cabinets of the twenties, fascinated by phonographic gadgetry, touched by the brightly coloured creations for children or if your vagabond soul attracts you to portable models, you will surely find something to your taste in the multitude of machines offered here at the Phonogalerie.


Brown, black, violet or blue, standard, inter or stentor, wax or celluloid, cylinders are found in a multitude of of colours, formats and materials. Preserving the essence of a time gone by, the cylinder holds in its groove the various moods and atmospheres of a dying 19th century and the birth of the 20th. From the regimental parodies of Polin to the somewhat earthy offerings of Charlus, the dazzling fanfares of provincial bandstands to the quadrilles of Montmartre, the legendary voices of the Opera to the emotional declamations of Sarah Bernhardt, the Phonogalerie offers an astonishing variety of recordings of all kinds.


The generic term « seventy-eights » covers a wide variety of diameters, colours, grooves and speeds. Over half a century of existence ensured that the “78” captured thousands of treasures. From Yvette Guilbert to Juliette Greco, from Aristide Bruant to Charles Trenet, Bessie Smith to Billie Holiday, Paderewski to Yehudi Menuhin, Enrico Caruso to Renata Tebaldi, Cocteau to Colette, the greatest artistes of their time confided the quintessence of their genius to wax recordings.
With a rich and growing collection, the Phonogalerie has something for every taste and can provide valuable assistance in the search for the obscure.
A selection of quality vinyl disks is also available.


In the ‘fifties appeared a new and revolutionary ‘must’, Mum and Dad’s old gramophone was relegated to the attic and the electric record player in the shape of the Teppaz became the irreplaceable companion of a million adolescents. The microgroove was born and, with it, the music industry we know today.
The Phonogallerie, in the interests of continuity, offers a few models chosen for their aesthetic and sound reproducing qualities. This for the nostalgic and for those who want a machine, at reasonable price, to play their old collection of records. Spare styluses and cartridges are also available.

Analogic Hi-fi

You want the very best from your records ?
The Phonogalerie offers a state-of-the-art pre-amplifier, turntables, heads and diamonds to meet your needs. We can advise and guide you in the choice of material best designed for your requirements.


Many artists and designers were tempted into working for the world of music halls recording houses and the popular stars of the day. Their talents were also employed to vaunt the qualities of successive new models of phonograph. From Toulouse-Lautrec to Cassandre, they all contributed¬ something poetic to a universe which wanted to transcend the simply mercenary.
The Phonogalerie offers, in a variety of themes and price-ranges, original posters, restored and cloth-reinforced.


In order to make available some of the enormous heritage of sound recordings, sometimes so difficult to find, the Phonogalerie offers a collection of high quality re-editions made by specialists in the field of sound and music recording.


Paper plays an important part in the history of recording and is an inexhaustible mine of information for researchers and dreamers. Catalogues of records and machines, user-manuals, advertising, memoirs and photos of artistes; there is an ocean of material to dip into. Whether you are an amateur of the interminable details of old recordings or simply fascinated by the antics of Mistinguett and Josephine Baker, you will find something in the Phonogalerie’s collection to grab your attention.